Book Review – The Old Rectory

by Julia Ibbotson (iUniverse) ISBN: 978-1-4620-4468-9

The Old Rectory is the story about Julia and her husband who establish a lifestyle many dream about. The couple fall in love with an old rectory and decide to buy it. Julia writes about the challenges they faced renovating the house.

Central to the story is her kitchen, the heart of the Victorian house set out in the moors in England. Food becomes an important aspect of country living. As the seasons change, Julia includes relevant recipes at the end of each chapter. I am not much of a cook but I like the romantic notion that food is a lifestyle concept and forms the backdrop to the stories we tell at the dinner table.

I have not tried out any of the recipes but the names are enticing. For example, I could imagine myself ending off a sumptuous meal with Victorian Boozy Plum Pudding. This pudding would be perfect for a Christmas meal, unfortunately only if you live in the northern hemisphere. Despite this time-zone difference, the writing is excellent.

The story captured my attention and the recipes have me waiting in anticipation for an invite from the author inviting me to dinner. My one criticism, I would love to have seen a picture of the rectory in the book. The cover looked more like an artist’s impression.

Ulrike Hill
Posted on: 15th January 2013