The Night Season

by Chelsea Cain (Macmillan) ISBN: 978 0 330 53562 5


The Night Season starts with a storm threatening a whole town and Chelsea Cain uses the setting to great effect in this atmospheric and gripping thriller. At times, you may feel you need a raincoat – even as the reader.
Homicide investigator Archie Sheridan is on the trail of a serial killer using the storm as the perfect cover. Reporter Susan Ward – tough, wise-cracking, chain smoking – gets in on the case due to her friendship with Archie.
Broken into pacy chapters, the novel has crisp dialogue often touched with dark humour and an economic descriptive style that doesn’t ever become demanding on the reader. 
It’s peopled with well-drawn characters and there are enough dead bodies and forensic detail to go round. Without giving away any details, the plot was a teensy bit far-fetched – although fun in a breathless CSI kind of way. 
The biggest soggy bit is the characterisation of the serial killer – this killer simply doesn’t come off as believable. If you’re looking for a quick read to while away a lazy weekend, this novel fits the bill.
Faith Parker

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Posted on: 6th November 2011