Book Review – The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour by William Nicholson (Quercus) ISBN: 978 1 849 16 392 7

The Golden Hour takes place over one week in the pretty Sussex countryside, and explores the emotional conflicts of a cast of well-drawn characters.

Maggie lives in the country, while her boyfriend Andrew stays in the city. When he is offered a job closer to her, she panics—and starts to question their relationship. This is complicated when she bumps heads with Alex, a screenwriter who has come to Sussex to find a peaceful haven—and inspiration for his next screenplay.

Meanwhile, her neighbours are experiencing their own bucolic little dramas. Henry is a man going through a mid-life crisis, which is not helped by the fact that his brother Roddy is secretly in love with his wife, Laura.

Nicholson’s prose gently explores the minutiae of country life as he delves into the psychology of his characters. For some readers this may translate into a slow pace that can be frustrating—but those who enjoy Jodi Piccoult or Nancy Thayer will absolutely love the careful layers and subtle humour.

Anthony Ehlers

Posted on: 19th January 2012