Book Review – The Empress Of Ice Cream

by Anthony Capella (Sphere) ISBN 978-1-84744-122-5

In the France of 1670 Carlo Demirco’s mastery of the extraordinary new art of creating ice creams leads him to wealth, women and a position at the court of Louis X1V.

He is sent to London along with the lovely Louise, an impoverished lady-in-waiting.  Louise has an iron will and does not submit to becoming Charles II’s new mistress.

This is a must read, the story flows so effortlessly that you could imagine yourself right there in the Court, watching the intense plots and intrigues.

Every chapter starts with a new recipe for ices but I only glanced at that because the story is so thrilling, so delightful, so full of subtleties that the story overwhelms everything.

The glamour, the parties, the bitchiness, the adored King is enthralling.  And the ice cream maker whips up all sorts of ice creams with Louise very much in his mind.

He becomes so skilled at his craft that he can even make an ice that slows down the King’s sexual prowess.  Louise, the virgin, finally succumbs to the King of England.  The King of France is her target and she vies for a position at the court of Louis X1V.

You will keep turning pages and tasting ices until the last page.

Dee Andrew

Posted on: 6th November 2011