Book Review – The Boy Who Fell To Earth

by Kathy Lette (Random House) ISBN 978-0-593-06084-1

The title of this book is absolutely misleading and I picked it up with reluctance.

However, I cannot recommend it highly enough. My sides are still aching from laughing. What a delight each character is, even the smelly, bearded guitar player who helps Lucy’s son with his autism. The successfully slimy ex-husband almost had me believing in him when he returned to fetch the lovely Lucy, who sent him away in the first place. Lucy’s protective mother tells her daughter, “You should have taken tips from the spider that mates once and then eats her husband up.”

Merlin, the autistic child, cannot walk on uneven lines, takes grown up talk out of context, has a mother who absolutely adores him and a grandmother who is spending the family inheritance fast on exotic holidays like whale spotting.  In between Merlin, his family, and Archie who loves Lucy, I really cannot say when last I enjoyed a book so much.

Don’t miss it, buy it and light up your life with a wonderful kind of laughter. There are serious moments and perhaps farfetched moments near the end, but even so, buy this book and enjoy yourself.

Dee Andrew


Posted on: 13th September 2012