Book Review – The Best of Me

by Nicholas Sparks (Sphere) ISBN 9781847443212

Amanda, a popular girl from a well-to-do family, and Dawson, a rugged teenager from the wrong side of town, are young and in love. Their contradictory upbringings feed their romance and they set their ideals on the hopes of forever until Amanda is forced to leave for college.

Years later, Amanda and Dawson return to their home town when a common friend and guide requests their presence at his awakening. The love they shared in the past is rekindled, but reality soon sets in and charges them to honestly assess the paths they chose.

Author, Nicholas Sparks, is a beloved writer, having also written ‘The Notebook’ and ‘Last Song’. Like these others, this story deals with forbidden love but also immortal connection.

Sparks is able to layer the tender journey with topics that hit home to almost anyone: non responsive parents, resentful and destructive family and a life time of guilt.

It is an easy read with a predicable ending.

Liz Breet

Posted on: 9th January 2012