Book Review – The 12 Days of Christmas

The Australian Women’s Weekly – Christmas and The 12 days of Christmas (ACP Books)  ISBN 9781742450490 and ISBN 9781863969017

When I run out of Christmas dinner and decoration ideas and can’t find what I like in magazines, I know I’ll succeed with the Australian Women’s Weekly.

Also because the Australian cookbooks prepare for the same season as we do: summer recipes with a Christmas twist, they did not disappoint me. There are two books that came out on the South African market this year. I liked the 12 days of Christmas better.

Each recipe needs a minimum of effort and preparation time and each recipe comes with a picture. You can also use the recipes the rest of the year; it is not all Christmas pudding and turkey. For serving, they suggest to use glasses: cold pasta salad in a wine glass, ceviche in a tot glass. Wrap ribbons around a cake and around napkins to have everything look more festive.

My favourites: blinis with goat’s cheese, salmon ceviche, small ham zucchini feta loaves and Christmas pudding ice cream bites.

Pauline Vijverberg

Posted on: 28th December 2011