Book Review – Take Me Home

Take Me Home by Tessa Cunningham (Pan MacMillan) ISBN: 9780283071584

When Tessa visits her 95-year-old father in a care home, something so imperceptible happens that she almost misses it. As she takes his hand to say goodbye, he kisses her cheek and holds on to her hand a fraction too long. She sees the yearning in his eyes that he is too proud and too loving to express: ‘I’m scared, please take me home.’

This is how the story of Tessa, divorced, with a daughter at home and another one leaving for university, begins. She is struggling with life after recovering from breast cancer. The ordeal she has gone through with all the treatments made me understand even more what breast cancer really means in someone’s life.

Often, with memoirs, I cringe on the intimacies that people share, but this book is so well written and full of love that I felt inspired by her story. I can truly recommend it. There is a lot of wisdom in her father’s advice, when he said, ‘just deal with what you can and leave the rest for another time.’ Taking her father home was a remarkable thing to do and the book that came out of this experience is well worth it.

Pauline Vijverberg

Posted on: 14th August 2012