Book Review – Switched

by Amanda Hocking (Tor) ISBN: 978-1-4472-0569-2

‘What if your entire world was a lie?’

Wendy Everly is no ordinary hero. When she is six, her mother is jailed after she tries to kill her. Wendy is brought up by her much older brother, Matt and her aunt.

Wendy is a rebel and is expelled from many schools. She tries hard to conform until she meets the Trylle (pronounced ‘troll’) tracker, Finn. Finn convinces her that she has to run away with him. He wants to take her to her real family.

Wendy learns that she has lived a lie when she meets her real mother who is the Queen of Förening. Wendy is the heir to the throne and can never go back to her previous life. This decision is a hard one because no matter what she does her mother, the Queen, disapproves. Her life is made easier having Finn at her side. She finds that she likes him more than a friend…

Amanda Hocking is a publishing phenomenon. Switched was initially self-published as an e-book by Hocking after rejections from publishers. After selling a million copies online, her book caught the attention of publishers. The question begs answering: what took them so long? Switched is the first in the Trylle Trilogy.

Ulrike Hill


Posted on: 2nd February 2012