Book Review – Survival Training For Lonely Hearts

by Elana Bregin (Pan Macmillan) ISBN: 978 1 77010 234 7

Kate, aged 43, has a demanding job as book editor. She meets interesting writers like the one she has heated discussions with over the racial state of play in South Africa, and another who departs unexpectedly leaving her a puppy. The puppy brings upheaval in her solitary life as well as encounters with a brooding vet. Definitely not the kind of man she meets on the online dating site in her quest for love. Or is he?

Both her professional and amorous adventures have a distinctly South African flavour that reflects in the Durban scenery and the interesting mix of people she meets. The men she dates belong to South Africa’s ‘messed-up generation’: the over-forties who stared Apartheid right in the face.

The back of the book promises psychological awareness that leads to real change for Kate, but this development remains a bit under the radar. Considering that Kate lacks love, friendships, and has difficulty connecting with the man she wants, she might still have some work to do to get the intimacy she longs for.

It all makes her human and the book an enjoyable read.

Josine Overdevest