Book Review – Summer Of Love

Summer Of Love by Katie FForde (Random House) ISBN 978-1-8660-5651-2

This book is an effortless read, good for a really lazy Sunday. So predictable, but so sweetly written.
It is about Sian Bishop who falls pregnant in one wild reckless moment. She follows dependable Richard to the English countryside, and a safe life. Rory, the son, is in the middle of everyone’s lives. Sian does wonderful restoration work and is an illustrator who doubts her abilities all the time. Don’t we all?
Years later the father of her child, Gus Berresford, arrives and causes some chaos. The romance is not confined to the younger generation, the older people also show that it’s alright to fall in love and fall into bed.
You finish the story knowing full well what is going to happen but it still causes you to have a little sigh for lives that are as uncomplicated as the characters are in this book.
A lovely easy read.

Dee Andrew

Posted on: 19th November 2011