Book Review – Spiral

Spiral by Paul McEuen (Headline) ISBN 978-0-7553-7463-2

Uzumaki is a Japanese word meaning Spiral. It is a fungus, which had been genetically modified to become dangerous to animals and humans and was intended as a weapon of war. Liam Connor, second lieutenant in the British army, is sent to assist the US navy against this deadly weapon. A Japanese general wanted to use Usumaki to contaminate America and so defeat them using biological warfare.
Moving forward to the present time, Liam, now a world-renowned scientist in the field of nanotechnology and fungal research, is working with the USA government. He holds the key to the cure for this disease.
The reader is led through a maze of events involving Liam’s family and colleagues, where government secrets are exposed along with their consequences. The story demonstrates people’s lust for power and greed, even when it means employing the most unethical methods. The book is well-researched making the story plausible which is horrifying. This is a compelling and exciting read. It may make a good film.
If you like intrigue and future science you will enjoy this.

Dawn Blankfield

Posted on: 4th December 2011