So Much Pretty

by Cara Hoffman (Random House) R 215 ISBN: 9781846059704


One girl disappeared, one girl knows something and a female reporter tries to uncover the truth.


I picked up this crime novel because it was recommended on the cover as poetic, intelligent and shocking. That sounded promising.


The book was certainly poetic, with descriptive sentences like ‘she was crying out in the barn, upside down on the low trapeze, tears rolling off the forehead on the ground. The things they had painted on the wall since they were little surrounded them. Maps of fake countries, extra circus characters, two-headed animals (…)’.


I also have to admit it was shocking and intelligent, but overall the book was a confusing read, because there are too many characters and Hoffman switches too often between time frames, which are not in chronological order. I had to keep leaving through the pages and read previous paragraphs again which took me out of the flow of the story and left me disconnected.


The intention was right, that with each new chapter a bit of the crime was unveiled, a piece of the puzzle laid down, but somehow it didn’t work for me. The darkness and the horror of the crime also just confirmed that I don’t like this genre.


Pauline Vijverberg


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Posted on: 14th May 2012