Book Review – Seraphina

by Rachel Hartman (Random House) ISBN 978 0 857 53157 5

Generally a book about dragons is about some nobody going through a soul-changing quest until he finds the strength to kill an evil old lizard. That always leaves me feeling like I’m being lied to. A giant flying fire-breathing god of death is always going to win.

That is, unless the humans band together, make fire-proof armour and specialised equipment for tearing through scaly skin. And that’s where this book begins. Humans have become just enough of a threat to the Dragons that they, for the first time, have considered a truce.

But neither side is completely dedicated to peace and war threatens to break out again. It might take more than good intentions and treaty documents to stop it. Perhaps, the only ones that can save the peace are those who can see the world of both the species. Maybe, a half-dragon is needed.

But surely no such creature could exist.

Seraphina was the most original dragon story I have read in many years. It deserves great praise even if the writing at times is not perfect.

Christopher Dean


Posted on: 13th September 2012