Book Review – Scorpia Rising

by Anthony Horowitz (Walker Books) ISBN 979-1-4063-1049-8

I was so sorry to learn that this was the last of the Alex Ryder books.  It certainly is fabulous and the story pulls you along page by page.  How the author manages to get his hero out of very tight spots is a tribute to his wonderful imagination.

Alex is a spy who is fifteen years old and no longer wants to be part of a spy organisation but he is too valuable to be left alone to get on with school.  His skills are legendary

If you think this is a book only for the youth, think again.  I thoroughly enjoyed the story, the plot and the scorpions that strike, flooring you with their cleverness. Don’t miss this book, it is worthwhile.

A light read that you can get through in a day.  From England to Cairo the author writes so well about each country, you feel as if you have been there. Very enjoyable.

Dee Andrew

Posted on: 6th November 2011