by Don Winslow (Headline) ISBN 978-0-7553-7021


The monk said softly ‘Satori’ “To see things as they really are.”  Nicholai Hel asked “What am I not seeing?”  “The Trap,” answered the monk, “and the way out of it.” 


This is a very fast paced thriller involving arms, drugs, gambling and also a deep love affair between Nicholai Hel and Solange, the exquisite blonde who also turns out to be the surprise character in the story. 


Nicholai Hel’s portfolio is to kill the Soviet Commissioner to China.  A night at the opera is when he decides to seize his opportunity. 


Complex, multi-layered, well researched, you will find this a satisfying novel.


In spite of being terrified all the time that Nicholai Hel will never live, his life is so violently portrayed. If you can enjoy being terrified all the time, thinking that Hel will die because his life is so violently portrayed, and if you can manage to be on the edge all the time you will love this thriller. 


I felt as if I were in a James Bond movie.


Dee Andrew


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Posted on: 6th November 2011