Resident Alien

by Rian Malan (Jonathan Ball) R145.00 ISBN 978-1-86842-387-3

There are 17 different stories, the theme being Africa and I got the feeling that the author loves South Africa and has high hopes for her future. Not ordinary hopes, but something between a future shaped by a true blending of colour and language. 
Did “Faith like Potatoes” leave Rian Malan wondering about faith?  A born cynic I think he is. And all of us in Africa are, but somewhere in our psyche is a belief that things will turn out right in South Africa.
Rian Malan really does seem to have all the facts. He has a way of drawing caricatures of people: Mbeki whom he admires and the unknown side of Zuma. He exposes all the underworld of Johannesburg.  He writes so excellently and eloquently and truthfully. He made me laugh out loud by telling it like it is.
He can be hilarious in his descriptions of people but that doesn’t detract from the seriousness of what he writing.  I’m glad I persevered and read this book from cover. It is hard-hitting and truthful and one of the best books I have read on this subject. Keep it to compare with the future he almost envisages.
I can’t wait to hold of “My Traitor’s Heart” which university friends have raved about. 
Dee Andrew

Posted on: 17th November 2011