by Sonia Cabano (Struik) ISBN 978 1 77007 867 3


Relish is an empowering cook book focused on easy sauces, seasonings and condiments one can make at home. From a Black olive pâté to a tandoori masala, each recipe owns a special flavour, texture and occasion.


The reader is able to relate to the text and gather sufficient information to reproduce the recipes successfully. The ingredients are well known and easy to acquire. It is the combination of these ingredients that bring unique rapture and delight to the taste buds.


Sonia Cabano feels that making and sharing delicious food is the best way to know to celebrate the joy of being alive. Sonia’s career began in London. The former model turned chef showed off her talents at a number of high end British restaurants. Sonia returned to Cape Town and formed a catering business that drew many a celebrity to her front door.


She has also basked in the light of the camera with her repeated appearance on the cooking series Pampone tot Perlemoen as well as the lifestyle show Expresso. Just as the title of her book depicts, RELISH, is exactly what Sonia’s cooking style is all about.


Lizette Bester



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Posted on: 19th January 2012