Pictures of You

by Caroline Leavitt (Allen Unwin) ISBN 978-1-74237-712-4

This is a compelling story about two women, Isabelle and April, who decide to leave their husbands for different reasons.
Their paths cross in a chilling scene when their cars collide in dense fog and April loses her life. April has a son called Sam. This book is mostly about the little boy and his terrible asthma attacks. 
By chance, Isabelle, who is a photographer, gets to know the boy and after that meets his father. Isabelle is talented and teaches Sam photography. Charlie and Isabelle fall deeply in love.
The story goes on to tell us about Sam who becomes a doctor and twenty years later sees Isabelle for the first time. In my head I presumed the ending but the author had other ideas.  There was a big twist in this tale.
This really is an excellent story, well written and at times it made me squirm with its realness.
Dee Andrew

Posted on: 19th November 2011