Book Review – Paranormality. Why We See What Isn’t There

by Professor Richard Wiseman (Macmillan) ISBN: 978-0-230-75298-6

Why can you see ghosts and I can’t? How can the medium reading my future be so accurate?

According to Prof Wiseman, we are being conned into seeing things that aren’t really there. And he should know. He started his career as a magician and then studied a degree in psychology.

His scientific research sets out to prove that, like the magic shows he once conducted; we are psychologically manipulated to buy into the magician’s illusions.

Psychics and mediums who appear to be giving you accurate readings are actually telling you what you want to hear. If the reading does not go the way it should they will fall back on the safety net by telling you that they were referring to a metaphorical situation.

Wiseman claims that no psychic or medium has proven to have paranormal abilities despite an amount of $1million being offered to anyone who can prove otherwise.

Out of body experiences, moving objects, ghost hunting and talking to the dead are diced and sliced and exposed as mind control techniques. Wiseman even explains how people are brain washed into following cults.

The next time John Edwards presents his ‘Crossing over Shows’ I would recommend you read Wiseman’s book first and decide whether we are conned into believing things that aren’t real. An entertaining and informative read.

Ulrike Hill

Posted on: 6th November 2011