Book Review – One Man’s Shadow

by David Roberts (Olive Tree Publishers) ISBN 9780620522489

One Man’s Shadow takes place in South Africa during the early nineties, during a time of political change. The characters are fictional but the political parties and the election are factual.

Don Keenan is a commercial investigator who accepts a lucrative assignment from a friend concerning the death of a prominent businessman. It appears that the man has committed suicide. Keenan completes his report, which seems like a straightforward assignment only to be dragged into a network of politics, and intrigue, espionage and murder. He fears for his life and those around him as he becomes one of the hunted.

The main antagonist tells Don that he casts a long shadow, longer than most. He is compared to a leopard – a stealthy, secretive, silent, lonely predator. This is a gripping thriller taking place in the bush and in the city, creating an exciting, varied and interesting atmosphere with familiar descriptions and events that South Africans can relate to.

Dawn Blankfield
Posted on: 8th January 2013