Book Review – One Last Time

by John Edward (Piatkus) ISBN 9 780749 941406

John’s fresh approach has earned him international fame among those who seek genuine after-death communication. He has an extraordinary gift that has opened a window to the other side. I have often tried, with eyes tight shut, alone in a room, to reach someone I have loved very much and lost. But now I realise that you have to go through a medium. From the spirit world come messages that only a medium can interpret.

There was a couple who always signed themselves 143, meaning I love you. The medium picked up on this and revealed so much to the one left behind. Of course it is hard for us to believe that these things happen. The author shows us that our loved ones never cease to love us, and never really die. We understand death to be an end to a life, to a love, to understanding, whereas the medium shows the deceased to be just as interested and as part of your life as when they were alive.

John Edward began having psychic experiences when he was just a toddler. Gradually he developed his uncanny ability to reach people on the other side enabling him to foretell the future and communicate with the dead. I read these experiences thinking “if only” but should I ever come across a person with this ability, I will believe more easily after reading this fascinating book.

Dee Andrew

Posted on: 15th February 2012