Book Review – Now You See Her

by James Patterson (Century) ISBN 978 1 846 05469 3

Eighteen years ago in Key West. Nina’s life is simple and carefree. Married to a handsome police officer she is delighted to discover she is pregnant. But her joy is short lived when she stumbles upon a secret that makes her run with just the clothes on her back.

Nina Bloom is a successful lawyer in New York. She comes across an innocent man who is being held responsible for another killer’s crimes. Nina must choose to give up her new identity as she knows she has the power to change the man’s fate. It’s only a matter of time before every drop of her masquerade will be picked apart piece by piece.

James Patterson glues multiple sub plots with finesse and intrigue that transports the reader by the nose to the very last page. The protagonist is realistic and urgent in her core motives and I feel this is what drives the books from start to finish.

I have heard how readers herald the writings of this author yet didn’t understand the fuss until I picked up one of his books and read it. I now herald likewise.

Liz Breet

Posted on: 16th December 2011