Book Review – Not Afraid of Life

Not Afraid of Life by Bristol Palin (with Nancy French) (William Morrow) ISBN: 978 006 2089373

Bristol Palin is daughter of controversial Sarah Palin. Not Afraid of Life is billed as her candid memoir. A better title might be Not Afraid of Publicity.

The book tells of her journey to motherhood at age 17. Her teen pregnancy was turned into an intense media storm because at the time Mommy was asked to run as US Vice President in 2008.

Thankfully, she has used all that publicity to re-create herself as a D-list celebrity, spokesperson for single motherhood and a finalist on Dancing with the Stars, which we all know is a near pinnacle of absolute fame. All she needs is reality TV show of her own to take over the world.

Bristol Palin portrays herself as Christian girl of strong values who had every intention of waiting for marriage before she had sex. One fateful weekend she told Mommy a bit of a fib, took off for a camping trip with her boyfriend. She had one too many wine coolers—only because they tasted so nice and sweet—and the next morning she woke up dishevelled, hung-over and, of course, pregnant in a tent with no recollection of what happened the night before. So much for candid, eh?

The book just gets worse from here on out, filled with gushy sentiment, suitably heart-wrenching confessions and colour photos to prove just what a God-loving all-American teenager she was before her beefy boyfriend took advantage of her naive nature. Save us from this drivel.

Perhaps fans of MTV and the Kardashian clan might find this plausible. For the rest of us—stay away!

Faith Parker

Posted on: 1st December 2011