Book Review – Nelson Mandela By Himself

Nelson Mandela By Himself edited by Sello Hatang and Sahm Venter (Macmillan) ISBN: 978-1-770101418

The introduction to this book states that Mandela is ‘one of the most quoted – and misquoted – people in the world’. The editors see this as an irony as most of Mandela’s banned life meant that he was not allowed to be quoted at all.

Somehow editors: Hatang and Venter, managed to put together an impressive collection from Mandela’s personal archive.

It is undeniable that Mandela is an inspiration and that his words will have an impact on readers. According to the editors, Mandela “chooses his words carefully and deliberately.”

The quotes in this compact, hardcover book is organised into alphabetical categories; kicking off with Accountability and ending with Zionism. It covers every aspect of life. Readers will find Mandela’s quotes about humanity, human rights as well as his imprisonment.

It is a useful book to have at hand if you are interested in Nelson Mandela. Be warned though, the font is small and uncomfortable to read. It would have also been useful to have a table of contents of the 300 categories to make browsing easier.

As a reference and inspiration, it is average.

Ulrike Hill

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Posted on: 6th November 2011