Book Review – My Father. My Monster.

My Father. My Monster. by McIntosh Polela (Jacana) ISBN: 9781431401604

You’ve probably seen McIntosh Polela on Carte Blanche where this eloquently spoken and immaculate individual is spokesperson for the Hawks. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Polela was one of those privileged few who had it easy in life, and thanks to being born with a silver spoon in his mouth, was handed his good fortune on a platter.

This is the furthest thing from the truth. Polela, a name he took on later in life so as not to be associated with his father, was born into what he believed to be, a loving and close knit family. One where his father, mother and sister were loved and well taken care of. However, overnight, a 5-year-old Polela and his sister find themselves packed up and shipped off to their mother’s relatives to a small rural community in the Underberg.

No more is said about their parents. He experiences hardships that scar him for life, yet at the same time, fuel him even further towards securing a future for him where he won’t have to experience such nightmares again.

When pressed about the whereabouts of his mother and father – everyone is tight lipped and evasive, which makes Polela even more determined to discover the truth, which he has a feeling, somehow involves his father.

This beautifully told memoir takes us on one man’s plight of perseverance, courage and faith. If you’re cynical when it comes to people and don’t believe that there is any good out there anymore, this book will change your mind.

Ashleigh Seton-Rogers
Posted on: 2nd December 2011