Book Review – Mr Foot’s Other Leg

by Ian Kelly (Picador) ISBN 978-0-330-51783-6

Mr Foote, producer, writer, and actor was known for his wit on stage-mostly by people he knew. ‘I was obliged to lay down my knife and fork and fairly laugh myself out…Sirs, he is irresistible,’ said Samuel Johnson.

The extraordinary true story of the most famous man you have never heard of, the irresistible Samuel Foot, one-legged wittiest superstar of the Georgian stage. He wrote the first true crime best seller. He coined the phrase Tea Party.

He lost his leg after a bet with the Duke of York. The operation of the day, after a hideous fall from a horse was an unusual success. Doctors knew amputation would lead to changes in the psyche. However his wit improved and he had several wooden legs made for the stage.

This is a hearty read that describes Mr Foot’s successful career. The story will be most enjoyable to readers who have had an interest in Georgian times.

Dee Andrew

Posted on: 22nd November 2012