Book Review – Killing For The Company

by Chris Ryan (Hodder & Stoughton) ISBN 9781444 710298

The first two chapters set the pace of the novel. It begins with a military engagement, filled with action, creating the back story of the protagonist Chet Friedman.

The encounters of war have left Chet physically scarred. With an amputated leg he leaves the service and becomes a freelance security agent.

While on the job he catches Suze eavesdropping on a conversation with a high level politician. The conversation implies that the United Kingdom is being bribed to enter the Iraq war. With this knowledge both Chet and Suze are hunted. There is one murder attempt after another.

The story is well written and packed with action. This book has strong synergies with conspiracy theories of the Iraq war. It has good military themes with twists and turns that keep you reading.

Michele van Eck

Posted on: 24th April 2012