Book Review – Justin Bonello Cooks For Friends

by Justin Bonello (Penguin) ISBN 978-0-14-352829-6

Well it’s a cook book. With a famous name on the cover. This is perhaps this is all you need to sell such a book.

And it was the reason I bought it for my TV-chef fan Grandfather. So let us re-cap. Great presentation. Famous name. Cook book. Looks nice. These seem to be enough for me.

However… It’s much better than that. The book is well written. It is funny. It has character and even a small amount of plot. These are things one would expect to find in a fiction book. Sadly now-a-days you may be hard pressed to do just that.

All-in-all I laughed, I cried and had a jolly good time (with most books I read I just cringe) with this wonderful creation. Oh by the way it also tells you how to make food!

Christopher Dean


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Posted on: 9th January 2012