Book Review – Island of Bones

by Imogen Robertson (Headline Review) ISBN 978 0 7553 7203 4

The hanging of his brother in 1751, and a conspiracy of the era, sends Lord Keswick into seclusion.

Thirty years later, as Gabriel Crowther, he is called back to uncover the mystery of a nameless tomb discovered on the Island of Bones. Mrs Harriet Westerman, an intelligent widow escaping the sorrows of her past, and with a keen interest in the matters of mystery decides to joins him.

Additional bodies and missing persons escalate and Crowther is forced to dig up the demons of his past.

This book is written in the language and style of its time. It offers a number of viewpoints that may be disconcerting in the beginning.  Although it is a fictional novel, Imogen Robertson has drawn a great many things from history and adapted them to her needs.

As mystery and suspense increases so the reader is drawn into the essence of the story. I willed for answers to surface just as quickly as the main characters who were determined to seek them.

Lizette Breet

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Posted on: 6th November 2011