Book Review – Innocent Acts Of Evil

Innocent Acts Of Evil by Danie Grundlingh (Grundlingh Attorneys) ISBN 978-0-620-50018-0

No one in South Africa is a stranger to the case involving the Lotter siblings who murdered their parents, after claiming the ‘son of God’ – Matthew Naidoo – made them do it.

This book is written by the siblings’ attorney Danie Grundlingh. It sets out to highlight how fanaticism or extremism combined with religion can be a lethal combination.

Grundlingh details the journey of how Hardus, and his sister, Nicolette, are brainwashed through strict religious doctrine into believing that Matthew Naidoo, who was Nicolette’s boyfriend at the time, was the second son of God. Hard to believe? It was for me, until it’s revealed that Nicolette held a strong regard for supernatural beliefs such as witchcraft and the tokoloshe before she met Naidoo. Sensing she was vulnerable and mentally unstable, this charlatan with a golden tongue, managed to weasel his way into her life, and her brother’s.

I found the style a bit difficult to get used to. It’s almost as if you’re reading a screenplay rather than someone’s account of events that unfolded. Despite this, it’s one of those books you can’t put down.

Mathew Naidoo received a double life sentence in the Durban High Court for his role in the killings, while Nicolette was sentenced to an effective 12 years’ in jail, and Hardus to an effective 10 years.

Ashleigh Seton-Rogers

Posted on: 8th May 2012