by Alex Kava (Little, Brown) ISBN 978-1-84744-350-2


This is one of a series Kava has written about Maggie O’Dell, a Special Investigator with the FBI.
Teenagers experimenting out in the woods come across a fearful beast, and the night ends in tragedy. Maggie O’Dell is in the area to help out the local police on a series of cattle mutilations, and is called in to the scene. She is further drawn into the case as the local police seem to be covering up the truth. 
It has an interesting parallel story about the safety of food in the American schools – several cases of mass food poisoning in schools are being investigated by Colonel Benjamin Platt (who has a covert desire for his long-time friend Maggie). His investigation intersects with the case under Maggie’s scrutiny, and the two stories and the two investigators, meet to fight and expose the evil.
Certainly a good read… well-researched and thought provoking – it made me think about the food we eat and that we serve to others! It has a fast pace, a fascinating storyline and is very easy to read. But to me, it lacked a bit of depth, so that I never felt emotionally connected to the characters and their experiences.
Good for the beach or a lazy Sunday afternoon!

 Shelley Roe-Berning

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Posted on: 6th November 2011