Book Review – Gods And Beasts

by Denise Mina (Orion Books) ISBN 978 1 4091 4069 6

What a find! Denise Mina has won various awards and is considered a writer of Tartan Noir, crime fiction particular to illustrious Scottish writers like Ian Rankin.

Gods And Beasts is the third DS Alex Morrow book and takes its title from Aristotle: ’He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a beast or a god’

Just before Christmas and exhausted from looking after her baby twins, Morrow is called in on the murder investigation of Brendan Lyons, a grandfather who was shot at a post office after assisting his murderer in robbing it. Lyons’ background reveals connections to some influential Glaswegian players: Kenny Gallagher, a politician with a secret life about to be exposed and Morrow’s stepbrother Danny, who after a career at the other side of the law seems be changing his ways.

Questions arise around the tattooed man who saved the grandson. Why is he lying and why does he visit the boy? Morrow finds other irregularities that must have come from within the police. Are these linked to the two police officers that took a bribe?

In a Glasgow riddled with drugs and corruption Alex needs to find out who’s god or beast or occupies the shady area between.

Josine Overdevest



Posted on: 13th November 2012