Book Review – George And The Big Bang

by Stephen and Lucy Hawking (Doubleday) ISBN: 9780385615532

Look, it’s a science book for kids with a story. So no big expectations. Oh, it’s written by Stephen Hawking and his wife/sister? Lucy. So it must be good right. Well I do have to say it’s not bad.

Having said that. It is a story about a lonely pig. And science. Do you know what science gave us? Stoves and frying pans. And what have pigs given us? Yes that’s right, meaningful insight into the workings of the universe. Of course I’m being facetious they gave us bacon.

Now I realise children’s books often have animal companions in them. And Piglet is a cute one. This pig is not. It just makes me feel hungry, and at the same time, guilty for wanting to eat a child’s pet.

On the other hand, as a child’s guide to science, it works. In a way that will make the poor hungry parent not feel completely moronic while reading this book to his unappreciative offspring.

Christopher Dean

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Posted on: 6th November 2011