Book Review – Friends Forever

by Danielle Steel (Bantam) ISBN: 9780593056844 R195-00

Danielle Steel’s new novel is about the role friendship plays on life’s journey — and navigating the challenges we all face in our earlier years.  Five children meet and bond on their first day at Atwood School, a prestigious co-ed school in San Francisco.Friends Forever follows them from kindergarten to graduation and young adulthood.

It sounds like the perfect recipe for a warm, rich saga about friendship, love and survival. It will probably recall some fond memories of school friendships for many readers. However, the book is far too short to capture the narrative arc of five different characters. The result is episodic, messy and somewhat disappointing. Did the author write it in a rush to meet a publishing deadline? Or was the premise too thin to begin with?

Even die-hard Danielle Steel fans will feel a bit let down with this one, but for the less militant romance readers, the book will provide a few hours of breezy, enjoyable and entirely forgettable escapism.

Anthony Ehlers


Posted on: 21st November 2012