Book Review – Fresh & Easy (Marie Claire)

Fresh & Easy by Michele Cranston (Murdoch Books) ISBN 978 1 741965490

Celebrate seasonal ingredients and humdinger flavours with the Fresh & Easy cook book.

The soft cover, full colour publication flaunts many healthy and simple ways to spice up your meals. The juicy images dance off the page and the recipes sing to your taste buds. The dishes range from lunches and dinners to desserts and treats. The book is layered with flowing text and vibrant imagery and there is a host of cooking hints and tips to ensure your tried dishes are every bit a success.

Michele Cranston, chef and author of Fresh & Easy has been a cook and food stylist for over 20 years. Her work has appeared in The New York Times.

Michele’s passion for food and artistic vision for her dishes encourages even the amateur home cook to get down and dirty.

Liz Breet

Posted on: 16th December 2011