5 Simple Ways To See Your Brand Through Your Customers' Eyes

5 Simple Ways To See Your Brand Through Your Customers’ Eyes

You may think you have your image under control, but how do others perceive you? Here are 5 ways to see your brand through your customers’ eyes.

Writing for your business in emails, on your blog, or through social media is all about engaging your audience and showing your personality. It is an effective way to talk about what you do.

5 Simple Ways To See Your Brand Through Your Customers’ Eyes

Here are five exercises that will allow you to see your brand differently. Remember that:

  1. Your brand has opinions. You can see this by the way it describes other people. Use another brand to show the prejudices or loves of your brand by comparing it to that entity. Try writing this comparison, as if you were the brand, in first person present tense.
  2. Your brand’s past reflects its personality. List the five most traumatic things your brand has survived. Emotionally, take a tour through a brand’s emotions, hang-ups, psychological scars. Physically, take a tour through a brand’s reception area, restrooms and canteen. What books, artwork and magazines does it have on display? Do you think the past has been dealt with?
  3. Your brand moves. The way a brand moves reveals its personality. This includes the way it talks, the way it engages socially and the way it treats people. Does it have a charity or a foundation? Who does it support politically?
  4. Your brand has habits. List the 10 most important things on your company’s calendar in order of importance. Consider how these reveal its routine, its habits, and its prejudices and fears. What would your customers think of these events? Who benefits?
  5. Your brand is motivated. List the 10 most important things your brand accomplished in the past six months. What were the motivations being these achievements? To make your brand credible, logical, and believable, customers want to understand why it believes its actions are justified.

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Amanda Patterson by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 16th February 2015