Book Review – Firefly Lane

by Kristin Hannah (St Martin’s Griffin) ISBN: 9780312537074

Firefly Lane is a poignant coming of age tale about two friends who meet during their adolescence in 1974 with all the music, clothes and fads that go with the era.

As the years go by they help one another through the highs and lows of life. Tully is an extrovert with a troubled childhood, and Kate is an introvert with a loving old-fashioned family.

They progress through school, and go to college. Tully dreams of fame and fortune and Kate dreams of marriage and children. They remain best friends and confidantes through it all with some rough patches in between.

This is an emotional ride from the beginning to end with laughter and tears for the reader as the story unfolds. One feels as if one is part of the story and fully empathises with the characters.

I thoroughly enjoyed Firefly Lane and could not put it down.

Amanda Blankfield

Posted on: 1st January 2013