Book Review – Fallen

by Karin Slaughter (Random House) ISBN 978-1-8460-5795-3

Expecting to find her mother home minding her new baby daughter, Emma, Faith is horrified to find her baby locked in the shed.

Her mother, Evelyn, is missing; the safe is open, her gun missing and a trail of blood leads to the front door. A man lies dead in the bloodied hallway.

Faith doesn’t wait for back up but explores the plundered house alone. She stumbles across two more intruders and within minutes they are shot dead.

When the Atlanta police force turns up, Faith has some difficult questions to answer. Her mother, Evelyn, was the ex-Atlanta police chief. There is a lot of conflict in this novel and savage scenes of questioning.

Will and Dr Sara Linton, try to piece together the fragments of a brutal and complicated case. They are on the lookout for a vicious and troubled murderer. This is a well written book and you are in for a joyride if you want to solve this mystery.

Dee Andrew


Fallen became an instant bestseller and I know why…. this is the best Karin Slaughter novel I have read!

Special Agent Faith Mitchell of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation arrives home to find a dead man in her house, her baby hidden in the shed, and her mother missing. From the moment she realises her mother is in danger, the pace and the action never stop. You get completely drawn into the case.

I connected with her characters – it’s not just a series of action events, but action embedded in a very personal story about a woman facing a threat to her family and her home. I step into Faith’s world and it feels real. Faith needs to find her mother, but as she is personally involved as witness and suspect, she is taken off the case.

So she turns to her partner Will Trent, who delves into the investigation to dig beyond the lies and secrets to help find her mother. Along with trauma doctor Sara Linton from the Grant Count series and Trent’s tough boss Amanda Wagner, we are taken on a fast paced journey to solve the case.

Well worth the read; I was enthralled and did not want it to end!

Shelley Roe-Berning


Posted on: 6th November 2011