Book Review – Enchantment

by Guy Kawasaki (Portfolio Penguin)  ISBN: 978-0-241-95364-8

This is Kawasaki’s tenth book.

Enchantment is about the intangibles in business as opposed to the tried, tested, formulas about making money. Kawasaki realises that the consumer in a technological world knows more and compares more. Business is no longer about offering the best price or best customer service. It is about enchanting.

Enchantment converts hostility into civility. It changes sceptics and cynics into believers. The world of business is changing and so are books about improving your business.

Enchantment is necessary in today’s world. It is not only about making money but it is also about filling people with real delight. This is sustainable and memorable. According to Kawasaki, in order to be successful you have to ‘be a mensch – people must trust you’.

Kawaksaki also realises that people do not have time to swallow long sales pitches. His advice is to keep your message short, simple and swallow-able. Oh and it helps to be humble.

Real life stories, advice about using the social media to attract the right people and networking tips make this book a modern day business gem. Read it whether you are in business or simply want to enchant that cute teller at the bookstore.

Ulrike Hill


Posted on: 24th January 2012