Book Review – Devious

by Lisa Jackson (Hodder & Stoughton) ISBN: 978 1 444 71341 1

Lisa Jackson is the author of twelve spine-chillers, with suitably creepy titles like Chosen to Die and Fatal Burn.  Devious, her new novel, opens with a gruesome taste of things to come – a young nun is found brutally murdered in a Cathedral and detective duo, Bentz and Montoya, are called to the scene.

The disturbing part is that the young novice was pregnant at the time of her death and Montoya knew her well. She was once his brother’s girlfriend. As other nuns are slaughtered, the hunt is on for a devious, depraved serial killer.

The maniac seems to know all the victims’ secrets, but the detectives are left cold as to his identity. Their prime suspect may not be the man they’re looking for – the only other possibility on their list is a man who died years ago. Or did he?

Devious takes the reader into the hushed, shadowy world of a New Orleans convent and to the heart of police procedure as the mystery unravels. The pages are salaciously loaded with intrigue, lust, revenge and even a bit of a romance.

Some may not care for the author’s sometimes choppy style of writing, but Jackson writes with intensity and keeps up a fast pace. Another minus point is that some of the plot threads weren’t tied up or resolved. All in all, it’s a juicy and creepy story to keep you up at night. Say your prayers, girls!

Faith Parker

Posted on: 6th November 2011