Book Review – Demi–Monde: Spring

by Rod Rees (Jo Fletcher Books) ISBN: 978 1 84916 503 7

Science Fiction is not for everyone, but Rod Rees manages to introduce a fresh angle to this genre.

The novel is based on the concept of the Demi-Monde which is a virtual reality in which a person can be fully immersed. This artificial reality was designed to train military personnel. It has various political parties factored into the programming which resemble traditional history figures and countries.

It is a complex book with strange concepts and difficult terminology that is often tough to grasp. It may be that the first book of the series, Demi–Monde: Winter explains many of the concepts and history of the story.

However, without this back-story it made the book difficult to read. Despite this, the author has a strong writing ability that still caught my attention.

Michele van Eck

Posted on: 30th August 2012