Book Review – Dead Simple

by Peter James (Pan) ISBN 978-0-330-43419a-5

Michael’s friends giggled as they screwed down the lid of his coffin and threw dirt over the grave. This was the idea of the best man who was organising the stag party before the wedding.

Inside the coffin, Michael has his cell phone with him. He soon calls his friends up and says he wants to get out, now. A few hours later his friends are involved in a horrendous motor accident and they are all dead.

No-one else knows where the bridegroom is. Michael’s love of his life, Ashley, turns out to be a person who would prefer Michael to stay where he is.The police have their work cut out, looking for Michael. They have no idea that he is buried alive in a forest.

This was a hard story to swallow as I hated the author’s choice of a buried coffin with a live person in it being used as a joke.  I raced through the pages hoping that Michael would be found alive. The police try desperately to locate Michael. When the coffin is opened, they discover…

Peter James certainly had me reading furiously to the very end.

Dee Andrew

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