Dark Market – CyberThieves, CyberCops and You

by Misha Glenny (The Bodley Head Ltd) R215.00 ISBN 078-1-847-9127-7

I read this book as if I was investigating a new language. Which I was, of course.
Even if you know the basics of computer language, you will be amazed at how far Cyberthieves will go to extract your money from you. It’s a bit like you having your head above water while they are pilfering away at your investments. Clever is not a good enough word for these gifted demons who all have a pseudonym that will muddle you further when you’re trying to identify them. No site is sacred to these cyberthieves.
Darkmarket became a planet home for extortionists. The law will enforce a punishment but in the meantime, time is passing and the intelligent thieves cannot enable themselves to join the real world. Darkmarket is so engrossing that however little you glean as an amateur learner, it will help you should you ever become part of the nightmare that is cyberspace robbery.
Governments and private sectors are losing billions because of this new smart breed of criminal. I felt as if was reading about thin air but the pollutants were crawling around my computer.
Reading this fantastic book has brought me a little closer to the language of the cyber world that I am trying to understand.
Dee Andrew

Posted on: 21st November 2011