Book Review – Woman Of God

by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro (Century) ISBN 9781780895376

Will Brigid Fitzgerald become the first female pope in the history of the Catholic Church?

Brigid serves as a doctor in South Sudan, Africa, as part of an NGO that helps the injured during the brutal civil war. She witnesses ghastly killings and almost succumbs herself. She is devoted to her patients, and she is constantly asking, ‘Where is God? What is the meaning of all the suffering in the world?’

She becomes involved in a liberated Catholic church where women priests are included. It has a growing following. However, this does not sit well with traditional Catholics. Brigid has many enemies in high places and confronting them could cost her life.

It is a captivating story. Each chapter is engaging and exciting. Brigid is an extremely courageous and resilient woman. Your heart goes out to her, and also, your admiration.

Dawn Blankfield

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Posted on: 6th April 2017