Book Review – Where’s Zuma?

by Kobus Galloway (Zebra Press) ISBN: 9781770228849

Kobus Galloway is an artist with a passion for comedy.  He puts both these skills to work in this illustrated localised ‘Where’s Wally’ allowing the reader to laugh through the tears looking for Zuma on every page.

Zuma can be found at the arms deal expo, at Sun City for the Gupta’s wedding, standing in line to vote and in the shadows cast from a Hitachi generator during load shedding. Galloway has also hidden other well-known uniquely South African personalities on each page ranging from Top Billing presenters and Miss South Africa to Julius Malema, Evita Bezuidenhout and Jack Parrow.

Galloway takes satire to the limit so this is not a book I’d recommend for a Zuma supporter or a card-carrying member of the ANC.  It is however an expression of historical events that South Africa has undergone in recent times with just as much bias as your average high school history textbook.

Justine Cullinan