Book Review – Two Years Eight Months And Twenty-Eight Nights

Two Years Eight Months And Twenty-Eight Nights by Salman Rushdie (Jonathan Cape) ISBN: 9781910702048

How do I write a 200-word review for a book that I’m reading for the third time? A book that has so many wonderful lines leaping of its pages that I had to stop writing them down. A book that had me laughing, gasping and talking to it out loud. A book that made me research many interesting things. A book that is simultaneously a fairy tale, a satire and a philosophical treatise and lets you choose how deep you
want to delve into these layers.

That’s the challenge that Salman Rushdie has created for me with his latest novel in which he picks up the ancient debate between philosophers Al-Gazali and Ibn Rush. He does this in a magical tale in which an epic war of 1001 nights (or two years eight months and
28 nights) is fought between faith and reason. The outcome of this battle is narrated by the inheritors of our human world who live, quite happily, with its consequences.
Reading this review and seeing all the things I didn’t cover, I realise that the only succinct review for this book are the words that best express what I feel it is: A love letter to humanity.

Josine Overdevest

Posted on: 30th January 2016