Book Review – Thrive!

by Dr Greg Venning (Vital Press) ISBN: 978-0-994-6840-0-4

It is your turn to Thrive! But, only if you want to. Thrive! is written with an energetic flair to change your lifestyle for the better. Dr Greg Venning helps us to understand the bad habits we have created in our lives, to break them down and form new behaviours that ensure we live a healthy and fulfilling life.

“Are you thriving or simply surviving?” Greg helps us to answer this question simply, and then shares the steps needed to transform our lives with the essential requirements for well-being.

Through his case studies, clients, years of research, and working closely with Elan Lohmann (the founder of sleek geeks, a community based group of over 50 000 people with the desires to live healthy lifestyles), he has created this book to show you have the potential to live an extraordinary life.

Venning doesn’t sugar-coat anything and he hits the nail on the head with every topic. This is not an exercise plan, positive mantra, or diet book. It is about attaining a balanced life, mind and body. Thrive! is a read for anyone who isn’t looking for a quick fix but a life transformation.

Tammany Barton

Posted on: 29th November 2016