Book Review – The Word Is Murder

The Word Is Murder by Anthony Horowitz (Century) ISBN: 9781780896854

The Word Is Murder sees Detective Daniel Hawthorne return, having lost his job he really needs money. He decides to approach a well-known author to help him write a bestselling book.

Anthony Horowitz is busy, he has many projects on the go, and doesn’t really want to take on another writing job. However, when he hears what Hawthorne is investigating, he is intrigued. Can he and Hawthorne solve this bizarre and complex crime? Should he be content to sit in the background and just tell the story, or should he get a bit more involved? It doesn’t help that he really can’t stand Hawthorne’s difficult and demanding personality. The story would however make a great book. What’s a writer to do?

The Word is Murder comes across as a bit clunky, but once you get past the meta-ness of the author writing about himself, it is an intriguing thriller.

Merissa Himraj

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