Book Review – The Trouble With Mojitos

The Trouble With Mojitos by Romy Sommer (Harper Impulse) ISBN: 978 0007559770

If you like romance, this is it with a capital R – all the things you’d expect from an escapist romp that begins with a little too much alcohol… like waking up in a strange place, unable to remember how you got there. Plus, there’s a ring on your finger.

Hidden secrets, secret sadness, jealous boyfriends and a sexy alpha male hero who is also connected to a royal family – it’s all there, and immensely readable too. Romy Sommer is one of our own South African writers who is making a name for herself in the romance genre. Her well-plotted themes could make you believe in Cinderella all over again.

It’s not my best genre, but what’s not to like about a happy ending and a drop of champagne, right? (That’s my beef – not a mojito in sight!)

Judy Ward

Posted on: 4th July 2016